I am a wife of 27+ years and a mother to 2 grown men, we have 2 pugs.(Joey & Phoebe) I have been interested in design and have been crafty as far back as I can remember. I am a Wedding and Event designer and now we have The Pink Door Boutique.

What’s my decorating style? Well I’m a bit of a rebel when it comes to decorating and designing and my life too if I’m being honest I don’t tend to follow the rules or the norm…. I would have to say my decorating style is a mix of shabby chic, vintage and a little glam. So Shabby Luxe i suppose …. I don’t like things just because they’re popular… And when I decorate I don’t like things to be too perfect. Why ? Because life isn’t perfect , nature isn’t perfect and it’s beautiful . I like and see things and a purpose for them differently then most people . Some examples would be I cut tables in half to make a shelf! I glue book pages or books to walls from my favourite book titles as a child..and I love using an abundance of books and blooms in my decor. In decorating for my home I use things that bring back memories… I make them into treasures . And I especially love vintage ,all things shabby chic, lace and all things pretty.. Each vintage piece has a history.. … Each scratch or nick tells its own story… And I mean it’s perfectly good solid wood furniture why are people replacing it for something not wood and less quality? I mean honestly if we all don’t start up cycling more often it only hurts our environment for future generations!

I love decorating with the things and colours that I love, the best feeling is when I walk into a room and I look around and see a room filled with trinkets and treasures and all the things I love .. A warm feeling comes over me and it makes me happy . I look around and am filled with all the memories both new and old.

Our studio is a unique experience offering studio space both indoor & out, props and vignettes for photographers as well as studio space for small events including high tea.